Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our History in Peru

World Neighbors possesses 61 years of experience in implementing development programs in some of the most remote and impoverished areas of the world. Bridging geographical, cultural, and linguistic divides, it has reached out to over 26 million people around the globe.

One of these areas is Peru, a country that is approximately the size of Alaska with population of over 29 million. Peru is rich in natural resources such as copper, silver, gold, petroleum, fish, hydropower and natural gas. The country is a nation of dramatic history, indigenous culture and great contrasts – from the lush Amazon region to the breath-taking but often stark Andes.

World Neighbors began working in Peru in 1962 through 1990. Between 1990-1995, World Neighbors was unable to work in Peru.  For nearly two decades, Peru was deeply affected by a conflict waged by the terrorist group Shining Path, forcing people to flee their homes…only to return to nothing years later. Although the violence has ended, distrust and skepticism of outsiders still exists.  World Neighbors approach, however, has successfully broken down the barriers of distrust, fear and despair that have plagued thousands of indigenous communities living in the poorest regions of Peru.

Beginning July 8 through 17, follow our Journey travelers for a remarkable trip that promises to be life-changing and eye-opening as they visit communities in the Apurímac region of the Andes.

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